Cuba Standard is an independent digital news service that provides reliable, factual information and insightful analysis on the Cuban economy. It is “the standard” for people doing business on and with the island. The free flow of information and the right of self-determination for Cubans are central tenets of the publication. Cuba Standard arose from the recognition that there are few trustworthy, independent, first-hand news providers related to the economy and business in Cuba.

Cuba Standard is owned by Miami-based Cuba Media LLC, which also publishes CubaNews, an offline monthly newsletter founded in 1993.


To provide current, accurate and independent information relating to a full range of economic, legal and business issues affecting Cuba and Cuba’s relations in the world. To be the primary electronic source of information relating to business, legal, trade, foreign and internal investment, and U.S. and regional economic and social policy developments relating to Cuba. Be a dynamic source of information on the U.S. embargo, other restrictions, and changes as they occur.


Johannes Werner has worked for 20 years as a business/economic journalist in Europe, Latin America and the United States. His award-winning articles cover a wide range of beats. Werner, who has been traveling to Cuba since 1999, has a master’s degree in Latin American history from Freie Universität Berlin.


Vito Echevarria, a New York-based freelance journalist, covers business, e-commerce, the arts and entertainment and more for Cuba Standard. He has written for sister publication CubaNews since its establishment in 1993.

Doreen Hemlock, former Havana bureau chief and now business writer at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, is a regular contributor to CubaNews and Cuba Standard, covering Florida.

Havana-born Armando Portela delves into industry, economic and demographic research and designs unique maps for Cuba Standard. Portela, who has a Ph.D. in geography from the Soviet Academy of Sciences, lives in Miami. He  has contributed to CubaNews since the newsletter’s birth in 1993.

Washington-based journalist Ana Radelat is covering Cuba-related issues on Capitol Hill. She has written for CubaNews since the newsletter’s birth in 1993.


A former Cuban intelligence officer, Domingo Amuchastegui has lived in Miami since 1994. He writes regularly for CubaNews and Cuba Standard on the Communist Party, Cuba’s internal politics, economic reform, and South Florida’s Cuban community.

José Manuel Palli is a Cuban-born lawyer, originally trained as such in Argentina and a member of the Florida Bar since 1985. A president of Miami-based World Wide Title, he writes about law and real estate.

A former Central Bank economist and researcher at the Centro de Estudios de la Economía Cubana at the University of Havana, Pavel Vidal now teaches at Universidad Javeriana in Calí, Colombia. He writes about macroeconomic issues.