Heir of German business fortune attempts speedboat record

Roger Klüh will attempt to break the speed record for a Florida Strait crossing by boat from Key West to Havana this Saturday

Klüh seat fittingCUBA STANDARD — Roger Klüh, the 48-year old heir of a 43,000-employee business, will attempt to break the speed record for a Florida Strait crossing by boat from Key West to Havana this Saturday.

Klüh told German media in June that he obtained all necessary U.S. licenses.

He owns the Apache Star power boat, known for setting two world speed records in the 1990s. The boat has been completely rebuilt and equipped with up-to-date technology. The previous Florida Strait record dates back to before 1959.

Apache Star
Apache Star

Roger is the son of Josef Klüh, who built Düsseldorf-based Klüh Service Management GmbH into a 42,000-employee, €630 million (revenues) company that offers facility services in nine countries.

Klüh Jr. will attempt to cross the Strait in less than two hours, starting in Key West at 10 am, with expected arrival in Havana around 11 a.m. Aug. 1. His boat is scheduled first enter Havana Bay for a small welcoming ceremony. It will later offer a speed demonstration along the Malecón. Between 1 and 2 pm, the Apache Star is expected to arrive at the Marina Hemingway in a western suburb of the capital, where Klüh will be available for a press conference. The Club Náutico Internacional Hemingway will host a reception for Klüh and his crew at 8 pm.

“In order to avoid accidents, fishers and swimmers are kindly asked to refrain from activities off the shores of Havana until after 2 pm on Aug. 1,” a press release by the Club Náutico said, inviting “the entire population” to the marina.

Klüh will be at the throttle, accompanied by co-pilot Mark McManus, mechanic John Pompi, and navigator Damien Sauvage.

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