Panama airline touts its Cuba flights in U.S.

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Copa adCUBA STANDARD — Taking advantage of eased U.S. travel regulations and rising demand for Cuba travel in the United States, Copa Air began advertising its Cuba flights among American customers.

Copa serves Havana daily and Santa Clara twice a week from its Panama City hub.

Copa airfares, via Panama, are above most nonstop U.S.-Cuba flights. They start at $694 for Miami-Panama-Havana, $696 from Fort Lauderdale, $715 from Tampa, and $813 from New York. But the airline’s pricing is competitive for U.S. markets without nonstop flights, such as Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, New Orleans, San Juan or Washington.

Until Washington passed new regulations in January, U.S. restrictions prohibited U.S. travelers to use unlicensed third-county airlines to fly to Cuba.


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